June 16, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
stable /ˈsteɪbəl/ noun

plural stables

A horse in a stable
A horse in a stable
Learner's definition of STABLE


1 : a building in which horses are kept, fed, and cared for

  • She rode the horse back to the stable.

  • a horse stable

— sometimes used in the plural form stables especially to mean a place where horses are kept for riding lessons

  • She rode the horse back to the stables.

  • riding stables

2 a : the group of racehorses that belong to the same owner

  • There have been three winners from his stable this season.

b : a group of people (such as athletes, writers, or performers) who work for or are trained by the same person, organization, or business

  • a stable of actors/writers

c : a group of products that are made by the same company

  • A new model will be added to the car company's stable of sedans.

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