May 17, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
directly /dəˈrɛktli/ adverb
The toy is directly in front of the baby.
The toy is directly in front of the baby.
Learner's definition of DIRECTLY

1 [more directly; most directly] : in a direct way

  • He refused to answer the question directly.

  • She said that she wanted to speak to you directly.

  • The package will be sent directly to your home.

2 : in a straight or direct line from a particular position

  • We parked directly behind the store.

  • He sat directly across from me at the dinner table.

  • Their house is directly ahead. = It's directly in front of us.

3 : without delay

  • The second game followed directly [=immediately] after the first.

4 somewhat old-fashioned : in a little while

  • We'll be leaving directly. [=soon, shortly]

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