May 12, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
sow /ˈsoʊ/ verb

sows; sowed; sown /ˈsoʊn/ or sowed; sowing

The person is sowing seeds.
The person is sowing seeds.
Learner's definition of SOW

1 : to plant seeds in an area of ground

[+ object]

  • Every year we sow corn.

  • Farmers sowed the fields with corn.

[no object]

  • We'll sow in the early spring.

2 [+ object] : to cause (fear, doubt, etc.) to affect many people

  • Threats of war have sown fear in the region. [=have made many people in the region afraid]

  • They have been deliberately attempting to sow discord. [=to cause people to disagree and argue with each other]

— sower /ˈsowɚ/ noun, plural sowers [count]

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