May 03, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
pout /ˈpaʊt/ verb

pouts; pouted; pouting

The man is pouting.
The man is pouting.
Learner's definition of POUT

1 : to push out your lips to show that you are angry or annoyed or to look sexually attractive

[+ object]

  • She pouted her lips and stared at him angrily.

[no object]

  • The boy didn't want to leave—he stomped his feet and pouted.

  • The model pouted for the cameras.

  • Her lips pouted, and she began to cry.

2 [no object] chiefly US : to refuse to talk to people because you are angry or annoyed about something

  • Whenever he doesn't get his own way, he pouts. [=sulks]

  • Quit pouting!

— pout noun, plural pouts [count]

  • She had a sultry pout on her lips.

— pouted adjective

  • pouted lips

— pouty /ˈpaʊti/ adjective poutier; poutiest

  • pouty lips

  • He had a pouty look on his face.

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