March 15, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
chintzy /ˈtʃɪntsi/ adjective

chintzier; chintziest

Chintzy plastic flowers
Chintzy plastic flowers
Learner's definition of CHINTZY

[also more chintzy; most chintzy]

1 US, informal a : not showing good taste : not tasteful or stylish

  • The decorations were very chintzy. [=tacky]

b : poorly or cheaply done or made : of low quality

  • chintzy toys

  • a chintzy low-budget film

2 US, informal : not willing to spend money or give anything away : stingy or cheap

  • The boss is chintzy about raises.

3 : chiefly British : decorated in or covered with chintz

  • a chintzy cottage

  • chintzy furniture

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