March 14, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
tailor /ˈteɪlɚ/ verb

tailors; tailored; tailoring

The woman is tailoring the jacket.
The woman is tailoring the jacket.
Learner's definition of TAILOR

[+ object]

1 : to make (clothing that is measured to fit a particular person)

  • I had my suit tailored.

2 : to make or change (something) so that it meets a special need or purpose

  • They tailored the show for/to younger audiences.

— tailored /ˈteɪlɚd/ adjective

  • He wore a nicely tailored suit.

— tailoring /ˈteɪlərɪŋ/ noun [noncount]

  • The store offers free tailoring.

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