March 04, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
recess /ˈriːˌsɛs/ noun
The children are excited about having recess.
The children are excited about having recess.
Learner's definition of RECESS

1 [noncount] US : a short period of time during the school day when children can play

  • The students play outside after lunch and at/during recess.

  • Do you have morning recess?

— called also (British) playtime

2 : a usually brief period of time during which regular activity in a court of law or in a government stops


  • The judge called for a recess [=break] for lunch.

  • The Senate debates will continue after the August recess.


  • The Senate wanted to vote on the bill before recess.

3 [count] : a dark, hidden place or part — usually plural — often + of

  • the dark recesses of the forest

  • He buried the memory in the deepest recesses of his mind.

4 [count] : a part of a wall that is set back from the rest of the wall

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