January 11, 2017
Learner's Word of the Day
potluck /ˈpɑːtˈlʌk/ noun

or British pot luck, plural potlucks

A variety of hot foods at a potluck
A variety of hot foods at a potluck
Learner's definition of POTLUCK

1 [count] US : a meal to which everyone who is invited brings food to share

  • He organized a neighborhood potluck for next Saturday.

— often used before another noun

  • a potluck dinner/supper

2 [noncount] chiefly British : a meal for a guest that is prepared from whatever is available

  • I wasn't expecting you for dinner, so you'll have to take pot luck.

— often used figuratively

  • We don't have definite plans. We're just going to take pot luck. [=we're just going to take/accept whatever is available and hope that it is good]

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